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ABBYWAITS WEDDING DRESSES by Swedish Fashion Designer
Louice Hedin now in KAUNIS MORSIAN Helsinki - the exclusive

Store closed on 19th -22nd due to the EASTER.  Welcome again!





 KELSEY ROSE 2019 NOVELTIES NOW IN THE STORE. See more on Kelsey Rose site attached.


Now only in KAUNIS MORSIAN in Helsinki!


Herve is Back in Bridal

With Paris being regarded as the world fashion capital, it`s not a huge big surprise that
a well-known name in bridal has just risen again like a phoenix from the ashes:
Herve Paris is introducing bohemian-rock "boho rock" bridal design for the 2019 season.
To match the unmatchable - that is the secret of glamorous bridal designs combined with
bohemian -rock fashion. Brought to life for the modern bride, this totally new bridal
collection from French bridal house Herve Paris scores with soft and elegant dresses,
creating the feminine look of today`s time.
Combined with a fancy leather jacket or jeans jacket, classic boots or a massive necklace,
each bride will be able to create her personal style: a perfect match.

1 250 €
1 390 €

1 390 €

1 340 €

1 390 €

Broad assortment of tiaras,veils,boleros,hair vines



Sales conditions:

Cancellation of purchase/KKV Kilpailu- ja kuluttajavirasto:

"Buying a product creates a contractual relationship between the buyer and the vendor which may not be changed unilaterally. In other words the purchase can not be cancelled if you change your mind. Purchases may only be returned or exchanged when the company has granted a right to return or exchange the goods". KAUNIS MORSIAN has this rule: no returns/changes accepted in faultless products.

Kaunis Morsian sells only original branded products.

We accept when needed two months payment term without interest(50% when buying). The Dress is the property of the store until the whole price has been payed.

When agreed to order a new dress the downpayment is 50% of the price. If the deal is cancelled due to the customer and the dress has been ordered the downpayment will not be payed back because the dress has been already ordered.





























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